the focus is on the purity

of the baby's features

and the bonds

forming within the home.


a newborn lifestyle session is a lot different than a traditional studio session. they are held in the comfort of your own home. photos are taken without studio lights, blankets, props, or fancy outfits.


instead, these sessions aim to highlight the unique and beautiful interactions between each family and their new baby.  


newborn lifestyle sessions are usually held within the first month at home, but i encourage you to photograph your newborn as soon as you can get into a routine. they change so quickly from day to day, and you'll want to capture their newness as soon as you can! 




please do not worry if the baby cries, fusses, needs to eat, and needs diaper changes. a typical session lasts 1-2 hours, but i will continue to photograph until we capture every image you've been wanting.

sessions take place during daylight hours and during the best time of day for your family.


photos will be taken of the baby alone, with siblings, with each parent, and with their full family. close-ups and highlights of the baby's nursery will be shot to showcase the care and attention to detail you may have put into planning.


when the baby is photographed alone, he or she is usually swaddled in a neutral wrap (which i provide), or posed naturally.


please don't worry about dressing your newborn in any special clothing. most of the images i shoot require bare baby skin, a simple diaper, or a soft, neutral-colored swaddle, which i bring. 

when choosing clothing for the rest of the family, remember that if a classic and timeless look is your goal, then neutrals photograph best (grey, cream, white, navy, black, denim, chambray, linens, lace, pastels). it's best to avoid loud patterns or wording of any kind. of course, you have complete veto power, and if you want to wear magenta or your favorite pajamas, seriously, go for it! these will be your images on your walls, nobody else's!


my hope is that you'll choose to wear whatever you feel comfortable and beautiful wearing, whether that's a polished collared shirt, comfy leggings and a robe you wear everyday, or a flowing boho maxi dress.

please use me as a resource for help in this area! 


the most popular places to photograph are the baby's room, living room, and parents' room. of course, these are not rigid guidelines and change with every family's needs.

that being said, you just had a baby, so remember that!


your home will likely be full of dirty laundry, bottles, diapers, and clutter at the bedside. this is normal!


however, images look best when the clutter is cleared, and the environment is as bright and neutral as possible (so the baby and family can be the focus of the images).

before your session, i'll request a FaceTime call with you to "see" your space. that will help me determine and plan the best places to shoot. 

here are general tips for preparing these rooms:

1. open blinds and curtains.

2. wash pillowcases and fluff pillows.

3. clear nightstand clutter (tissue boxes, water glasses, air purifier, alexa, etc.) leaving only sentimental items, flowers, frames, etc.

4. put toys away.

5. let me know if there are any special items you'd like to incorporate into the photographs.

6. i can help with all of this if you are too tired or aren't sure how.



newborns can sense stress like little bloodhounds.


i've been in your position, wanting everything to be perfect on camera, forgetting to actually be present in the moment.


psssst..... your home doesn't have to be perfect and your baby doesn't have to "behave." 


the focus should be on relaxing and snuggling with your miraculous newborn, and i'll do everything in my power to help foster an environment where you can feel at ease, and even enjoy yourself!

remember, a digital birth announcement slideshow is included in your package, fully ready to share across social media platforms! 

if you have any questions at all, please be sure to email me!

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