&  her  work

I'm a right-brained creative with a love for good music, ripped jeans, mason jars, and Joanna Gaines. To me, there's nothing better than family, baby giggles, and great Italian bread.

And Jesus. I love that dude.

When I'm not photographing, I'm a wife and mother to two miraculous boys who fill my soul to the brim. We have dance parties. We tickle. We snuggle. 

Blessed and cursed with Cystic Fibrosis, I have an interesting perspective about life and death, and leaving memories for your children. I work insanely hard to keep myself healthy every single day because I love this life.





My love for photography grew in high school, where I'd spend hours in the darkroom experimenting. I'd spend weekends in Washington Square Park, people watching with my camera, just waiting for those perfect moments. Street photography and photojournalism are what got me into this love affair. And now that I take photos of people I actually KNOW, I get to gift families with portraits full of emotion.

It's honestly the best thing ever.

I have a few philosophies about my work.

I think everyone should be able to have a beautiful photo of their family enjoying each other. "Say cheese" photos make up a small portion of client galleries, because my goal is to elicit candid moments and true joy.


I don't think photography should be a luxury for the wealthy, so I price my work as reasonably as I can. No nonsense or gimmicks. One fee. Your images. Your right to print them however you want.

Every family has a miracle story. I want to hear it all. And then I want to show you what I see by reflecting that beauty with a camera.